General terms and conditions

Rental Object

urbanconsultcom rents out legal apartments via the Internet site in its own name.

Performance & Delivery

  1. The lessor is obliged to pay due care and attention with the reservation and to make the apartment available. In cases of force majeure or adverse conditions the lessor has the right to offer the lessee and registered accompanying persons with an alternative apartment of similar value. In the event that no suitable alternative can be found, or that the lessee does not accept the alternative, either side has the right to give notice on the contract. In any such event, the lessor’s liability is limited to the fees already paid. is obliged to provide the reserved apartment for the time booked. The lessee is obliged to pay the agreed price for the duration of the stay. This obligation applies regardless of whether the lessee actually uses the apartment or not.
  2. Our services do not include any insurance.

Closure of Contract

  1. The rental contract between the lessee and takes effect as soon as the lessor and lessee reach agreement. This agreement may be made in writing or, if there is insufficient time for a written contract, verbally.
  2. In the event that requests a deposit or advance payment and this payment is not made within seven days (or an agreed deadline), the confirmation of reservation is null and void.

Check-in & Check-out

  1. Check-in can take place any time between 2 pm and 10 pm on the day of arrival and check-out must take place before 11 am on the day of departure. If the lessee arrives after 10 pm, a single fee of €20 will be charged. Check-in outside normal hours requires prior arrangement with the lessor.
  2. Check-in time must be arranged in advance with the lessor. Please inform us 1 or 2 days in advance of your expected time of arrival.


  1. The prices listed on our homepage are legally binding.
  2. The prices detailed in the confirmation of reservation are final and include all additional charges unless stated otherwise. Bedclothes, towels and dish-towels are provided free of charge. A fee of €30 applies for final cleaning costs.
  3. Only the number of persons stated in the confirmation of reservation may stay in the apartment. Children count as persons.
  4. The apartment may only be used by the agreed number of persons. The minimum age for reservation / use of the Apartment is 18.


  1. The lessee shall transfer a deposit of 20 % of the total price to the account of within 7 days (unless otherwise agreed) of receiving confirmation of reservation. The lessee shall transfer the remainder at least two weeks before arrival. In the event that the contract is closed within 14 days of the arrival date, the lessee shall immediately transfer the entire fee to the stipulated account. In the event that the fee has not been transferred to the stipulated account by the due date, the confirmation of reservation shall be null and void.
  2. In the event that a lessee leaves earlier than planned, he/she shall remain obliged to pay the full fee nevertheless.
  3. Bank account:
    Apartment Berlin Kreuzberg:
    Konto: 1122394700
    BLZ: 43060967 (GLS Bank)
    IBAN: DE38 4306 0967 1122 3947 00


  1. The guest is entitled to give written notice on the contract to “Urban-Consulting“ any time before the day of arrival. The day on which the lessor receives such notice shall apply.
  2. In the event that a lessee gives advance notice on the contract, the following cancellation fees apply (as a percentage of the total fee):
    Up to 14 days before arrival      20 %
    In the event that the contract is cancelled on the day of arrival, or that the guest does not show up, or fewer guests show up than originally agreed, the lessee shall be liable for the full fee. In the event that a lessee leaves earlier than planned, he/she shall remain obliged to pay the full fee nevertheless.
  3. The lessor has a duty to act in good faith and to find an alternative lessee for vacant holiday apartments in order to avoid losses. In the event that it proves impossible to find a replacement lessee, the original lessee shall be liable for the costs.

Extraordinary Notice

  1. reserves the right to terminate the rental contract before its agreed end if it has important grounds for doing so. In the event that a lessee misuses the apartment, the lessor is entitled to cancel the contract with immediate effect.

Due Care & Attention

  1. The lessee is obliged to treat the apartment and its contents with due care and attention. The lessee is liable for any damage caused by negligence or intent. The lessee is obliged to check that the facilities and equipment in the apartment are complete and in good working order when he/she checks in and to report any problems to the lessor without delay. The lessee is also obliged to report any damage caused during the stay to the lessor without delay.

House Rules & Use of the Apartment

  1. Lessees are obliged to observe the house rules at all times. The house rules are on display in the apartment. In the event that the rules are breached or that neighbours complain about noise from the apartment, the lessor shall reserve the right to cancel the rental contract without refunding any fees already paid.
  2. In the event that the lessee loses a key, he/she shall be liable for the cost of a replacement key or lock.
    During the time of rental, the lessee is obliged to keep the apartment clean. Guests must leave the apartment in a tidy condition, do the washing-up and take out the rubbish before leaving. Failure to do so will result in an additional fee.
  3. There is strictly no smoking in the apartment. Smokers are welcome to use the patio.

2012/01/19. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

In the event of discrepancies between the German original and the English translation of these terms and conditions, the German original shall apply.